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The duets for 4 hands & 2 pianos

This GROUP WORKSHOP has very particular characteristics due to its ONLINE format, having been designed with the aim of providing a broad and practical approach in the didactic and artistic aspects of the repertoire of the PIANO with 4 hands and 2 pianos, and with the firm objective of bringing knowledge at different latitudes.

We consider that group teamwork of both teachers and students creates the right environment for the development of an intensive workshop of these characteristics.

Active students

• Up to 8 students will be accepted

• Active students must present two or three works (or more) of the repertoire for four hands and / or two pianos, freely selectable from the repertoire of universal academic music, academic Argentine or Latin American music, and popular folklore, tango and / or jazz.

• The Teachers may recommend a specific work or study to each duo so that they can develop it during the course period.

 • For active students who do not have their group training, the Masters will define them and their repertoire

Listeners students

• No student limits

• Listeners participate in all classes with the possibility of comments, questions and others by chat.

The intensive masterclasses will take place monthly and will be recorded and available to the students.

A personalized return will be made by the teachers to each student and duet.


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Diana Lopszyc


Daniel Goldstein




As part of the final evaluation, an ONLINE CONCERT will be organize, which will be recorded and edited. All active students will participate in the CONCERT as the closing of the Course.


At the end of the course, the prizes will be selected among the active students (as a contest) to awardone or more study scholarships to any of the activities and also concert awards that the Foundation develops from following year (and that will be reported in due course) as an incentive to artistic development.


The Teachers who teach the course will decide who will be the winners of the scholarships. His decision is decisive and final and he reserves the right to declare the awards and / or scholarships void. The Foundation may invite other cultural personalities to join the jury.


At the end of the Workshop, the Foundation will grant an official certificate to each of the active participants and listeners, as well as those awarded by the scholarships.



• To develop the concept of piano training in chamber music with a program of works that allow to expand the interpretation during the course, with the result of the final evaluation an ONLINE CONCERT will be held previously recorded of the selection of works by the active duets, since participation in concert is considered essential as a concrete fact of artistic development. We know that the face-to-face concert does not replace virtual participation, but given the current international circumstances, the Online Concert will allow us the didactic-artistic evaluation and contact with those who will follow this proposal.

• Develop and deepen technical skills through a background that enable the approach to repertoire of greater difficulty

• Promote and capture artistic development in chamber music in duets, methodically through execution, expanding the repertoire through perception and analysis.

• Promote creativity, the ability to listen, analysis and critical appreciation both individually and in groups.

• Know, understand and incorporate the aesthetic and interpretive characteristics of composers.

• Carry out an analysis of the technical resources necessary to approach the performance of the repertoire: Touché, dynamics, phrasing, agogia, sonority; pointing towards the individuality of the works

• Find and achieve the duet sound

• Develop the capacity of the concept of chamber music, to evolve in listening to the sound of the other, learning to "share" what we usually do individually on the piano.



  • Active students will present their works from the repertoire of duets (4 hands and / or 2 pianos) to analyze the level of each participant and / or duet in order to analyze the needs of their development.

  • In the case of not presenting as a duo, the groups will be formed once the registration is closed.

  • Group and individual work on the selected works proposing the work for each duo to develop for the next meeting

  • Analysis and development of the structure of the general repertoire of 4 hands and 2 pianos, such as the different positions and distances.

  • Active students will present the work done in duets on the works selected for the development of the technical-musical approach throughout the course.

  • Musical analysis of scores highlighting the importance of urtext (original) editions in the case of academic music.

  • Work on the repertoire presented by each student to prepare for the final concert.

  • Selection of scholarship / s

  • (* If the teachers consider necessary, the repertoire presented will be changed)



8 Masterclasses on SATURDAYS

from 10:30 am - 13:30 pm (ARGENTINA time)


  • June 26

  • July 24

  • Aug 28

  • September 25

  • October 30

  • November 27

  • December 11





Open until June 25

Active students


Full payment

• Single and total payment in advance with 15%


• Includes tuition

USD $1020



Monthly payment

• For 8 months


• Includes tuition

USD $150

per month

Listener students


Monthly payment

• For 8 months


• Includes tuition

USD $75

per month

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